Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet another Osha Thai Cafe visit

We tried to go to Lemongrass Thai Cuisine today, but despite the door saying they are open 4pm-9pm, a hand-written note next to it said Closed on Sundays. Oh well. So instead we went to Osha.
Tara has had a hard time finding an entree there, but this time she found one. She got the Spicy Cashew dish with pork with as mild spice as possible. She really liked it and a will definitely get it again.
Maybelline, the older of the owner's two daughter who waitress there, has suggested the masamun beef curry several times. I got it this time and it was very good. A bowl with carrots, potatoes, onions, and hunks of tender beef in a dark yellow curry sauce with a dollop of coconut milk on top. The yellow curry has a shorter half-life then red or green curry, so my mouth wasn't burning for a long time after eating it. I'd definitely recommend it for people who enjoy masamun.
Our appetizer was the Osha Golden Pockets again. As usual, they were great.
I didn't get any Tom Kha this time despite the near narcotic addictiveness of it.

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