Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tara loves bacon. I wish I could say I was the love of her life, but I know better. If she could move to Vermont or Hawaii and legally marry a slab of bacon, I'd be suddenly single again. A while back, we decided to go to Chandler and look around Von Hanson's Meat Market. It is the lone Arizona location of a Minnesota-based company. We'd heard they carried cheese curds, and she loves those. While we were there, in addition to the curds, we picked up some meats, one of which was a couple pounds of their double-smoked bacon. It's thick-cut and absolutely amazing. Even after cooking it for too long, it still tastes great. I'm not a huge bacon lover like Tara, but I really enjoy this. We've also tried samples of their sausages and stuff, and most of it is equally good. We've heard on CH that they also have good hot dogs, so next trip we'll need to check that out. Unfortunately, I've accidentally gotten another ex-Minnesotan on CH by the name of AZHotdish hooked on the bacon. :) Hopefully there'll be a twelve-step program created soon for it.
Any other former Minnesotans reading this in the Metroplex might be interested in knowing that Von Hanson's also carries some other Minnesota treats, like Gedney's pickles. It's located on Alma School in Chandler between Elliot and Warner I think.


Tara said...

Honey, you're the HUMAN love of my life! Although, in a throwdown, I wouldn't bet money. :) Love you!

Joel said...

I'm interested in knowing what Tara thinks about the cheese curds from VH's. Tara? I actually don't like them that much, as I've never been a big fan of white cheddar. My parents are headed up to MN next month...I'm thinking some different cheese curds are in order.

Tara said...

The cheese curds are okay, but I didn't actually dip any in beer batter and deep fry them, as I enjoy. Tim thought they were "weird". :) Maybe you have to be from the midwest to truly appreciate the little balls of "squeaky" cheese.