Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More cheese, Gromit?

It's always A Fine Day Out when I run across a new cheese I like. Growing up, we always had Cracker Barrel and it was always white. For some reason, after moving to Texas, I discovered the CB there was colored orange, even my favorite, Extra Sharp White. I had to look for the Vermont White to get my fix. Psychological or not, the orange tastes different and reminds me too much of American Cheese, which I hate.

This weekend while hunting down the elusive Bacon candy bar, I ran across some really good cheese at the Wild Oats we stopped at. They were sampling KALTBACH Le Gruyère, a cave-aged cheese. I really enjoyed it.

I also LOVE Kerrygold Dubliner cheese. Luckily, Sam's and Costco usually carry it, so it's far cheaper per pound than at the supermarket. It just hits the endorphin center.

I'm a huge fan of sharp Cheddars. Central Market in Plano, TX, had a great cheese selection and I'd hit it every week or two. I found Austrailian and Canadian chedders that were great. Parmesan Reggiano is also now standard. The Kraft Parmesan is relegated to our garlic Parmesan mushrooms like we had at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last year. Man, those were mushroom-shaped crack. :)

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