Thursday, July 26, 2007

Three years and a day...

Yesterday was Tara and my third anniversary together. We had a low-key celebration, as the days off for San Diego hit both of our last checks. I baked her some devil's food cake cupcakes from a great recipe I found online and got her a Vosges Barcelona Bar. It's an exotic candy bar with hickory smoked almonds, chunks of grey sea salt, and deep milk chocolate that's 41% cacao. She got me a Lindt milk chocolate truffle candy bar and a little Transformer (an in-joke between us). We'll probably have a real celebration dinner either this weekend or in a few weeks. We still haven't decided where we want to go yet. Kai or Binkley's are our wish, but finances might bring us back to earth. Lon's or T. Cook's are where we've done our past celebrations.

Our first date was at Blue Wasabi in N. Scottsdale, just as it was becoming an a-hole hangout. They still had the 1/2 price for wearing blue on Sundays, so it was a pretty good deal. That's long since ended and the crowded interior filled with Scottsdale jerks isn't worth putting up with. I loved the food when it was a good night, but we had sketchy service many times.

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