Saturday, March 29, 2008


Surprises are always nice.

The past few months, money has been extremely tight. Tara's new pay structure at work hasn't kicked in, my numerous student loans, and the usual stuff have wrung the coffers dry. Due to an error caused by the new software used by the people we pay our rent to, we owed them extra for next month because they undercharged us last month. This is also the paycheck where they take out Tara's health insurance, so we were already planning on a lean week. With the extra rent, we were basically down to fumes. Barely enough to get gas for her to get to work this week and the bare, bare necessities so we could actually eat this week. No travel this weekend. Basically hibernate.

A few minutes ago, I took the trash out to the garage. On my way back, I peeked out the garage door window for no particular reason. Glancing at our front door, I saw an envelope stuffed in it with the Camelback VW logo visible. I figure somehow our postman put it into wrong mailbox and one of our never-seen neighbors put it on our door. I threw a shirt on (yeah, we're very formal on our lazy weekends) and grabbed it.

Inside was a sight that literally brought tears to Tara's eyes. It was a check for the refund on my registration and other taxes I paid when I traded in my A3 for the Passat. Not a fortune, but enough that we can actually get name brands at the store, put gas in BOTH cars, and even have a nice dinner at Osha tonight. Far better than what we would have bodged together from the items in our pantry.

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