Monday, March 31, 2008

An Asian Comfort Food Weekend

With the minor windfall burning a hole in our pockets, we headed out to Osha Thai in Scottsdale. We arrived at around 7:30 and the place was about 3/4 full. We took last free booth and eventually Adella came by and dropped off menus and took our drink order. We settled on vegetarian egg rolls, Osha Golden Pockets, Gaeng Kari (yellow curry, carrots, potatoes, onions and chicken) for me and their garlic beef for Tara.

While I prefer some meat in my egg rolls, these were pretty good. Nicely fried and burning hot when they were served. All the veggies tasted very fresh. The Golden Pockets were outstanding as usual. Minced chicken, veggies, and some yellow curry. Yum. My Gaeng Kari comes with bell peppers, but I had them hold those. It had a really good curry flavor, but since I got mild, no heat, which is fine by me. I'm in it for the flavor. The carrots were sliced a bit thick and weren't quite soft, but still good. Tara loved her garlic beef and was in a very blissful mood when we ordered dessert. She loves their sticky rice with coconut milk and I decided to try their homemade green tea ice cream. Tara polished the sticky rice. Their green tea ice cream had the strongest green tea flavor I'd ever tasted in ice cream. It was excellent. Apparently it comes out yellow and they add blue food coloring to turn it green. Just one of the fun facts Maybelline told us. I could probably eat at Osha every day and not get sick of it.

Sunday night we have a kind of started a tradition where we go to Super Dragon before we do our weekly shopping. We started with our usual bowls of wonton soup, hot and sour soup, and crab puffs. For entrees, Tara got the House Chicken and I decided to try the Ginger Shrimp. The soups were very good and the crab puffs have been very addictive to us lately. Tara loved her House Chicken, which seems to be about 3 chicken breasts worth of meat. My shrimp, ordered mild, still had a burn to them. The sauce seemed like a spicy sweet and sour sauce that I really enjoyed. I had water chestnuts for a nice crunch too. I'll definitely order it again.

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