Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mr. Greek - Phoenix

For lunch today, Tara wanted to try Samarkand, the Uzbeki restaurant at Northern and 19th Ave, if it was open. We stopped by last Friday at 8pm, and they were closed. Today was no better, but she had a backup. One of our CH friends, AZHotdish, had mentioned that he really liked the food at a place called Mr. Greek at 40th St and Indian School.

Mr. Greek is in what looks to be a former fast-food restaurant. They offer counter service and have both Greek and Chicago items on the menu. Tara order the chicken souvlaki sandwich combo, I had a gyro sandwich combo, and we got an order of hummus. We grabbed our drinks from the soda fountain and took a seat.

After a few minutes, our order was up. The hummus came in a shallow styrofoam plate with eight ripping hot pita quarters lining the rim of the basket it all came in. The hummus was fantastic. The pitas were soft and puffy, and were perfect with the hummus. We both loved the hummus. The more we had, the more we liked it. We agreed that it was at least the equal of our favorite hummus from Shish Kebab House. We especially liked that the pita was oven-warmed and so hot it was burning our fingers.

Tara also really enjoyed her souvlaki. She commented that she normally doesn't like tsatziki but really liked this. She said the chicken was very tender and had great flavor. I wasn't able to try it as he all but inhaled it. My gyro was excellent as well. I was struggling to finish it. It was deceptively filling. Our combos came with fries or a Greek salad and we both got fries. While a bit pale, they were still quite good. They had a little seasoned salt sprinkled on them. An extra minute or two would have browned them a bit and added a bit more crunch.

We ended up completely stuffed and very satisfied. We are very happy to find another place with hummus that we love. They also offer hamburgers and hot dogs for those who want something a tad less exotic.


David SB said...

Nice review. I will have to try this place sometime. I also appreciate the excellent hummus at the Shish Kebab House and would love to see something similar closer to home.

Anonymous said...

our family likes the food at Mr. Greek... I wasn't thrilled with the moussaka, but everything else is delicious