Friday, March 28, 2008


When Tara got home today, she handed me a cardboard cylinder about a food long and three inches in diameter. She said it was sitting by our front door. No one rang the bell today, but someone rang it once yesterday. I was unavailable to get the door at the time and when I looked out I didn't see anything.

Puzzled, I checked the mailing label and it was from VW. This didn't shed any light on it, so I opened it. Inside was an ultracompact umbrella with VW logos and slogans on it.

No notes or anything else explaining why it was here. Given the fact that I live in Arizona, a folding sunscreen for my windshield or something would seem more appropriate. I'm sure it'll come in very handy should I be attacked by a rogue sprinkler in the park.

I did some extensive research online (OK, 5 minutes with Google), and found that the Passat has a slot in the driver's door to hold the umbrella. Apparently it's a standard feature. Not sure why the umbrella didn't actually come with the car when I bought it.

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