Monday, October 8, 2007

Another busy, but successful, Saturday

In addition to our stellar meal at The Capital Grille (we'll just not mention our third bad visit to Golden Buddha for dim sum. See the thread on Chowhound), we hit up several of our favorite spots for groceries.

After our dim sum, we walked across the parking lot to the Super L Ranch Market. Tara wanted some kaffir lime leaves and I wanted to look for some Tung Ting tea. Since Souvia sells it for $31 for 100g, I wanted to see if they had some cheaper. They had Tung Ting for $12 for about 4 or 5 ounces. It didn't say premium, like the tea I got from Souvia, but considering the cost savings, I was willing to risk it. Tara was able to get some lime leaves, so we were all happy. The tea turned out to be really good, so it was a good buy. Curiously, we stopped by Lee Lee Market in Chandler later in the day and they didn't have it. I would have bet on Lee Lee having it over Super L. Go figure.

Since Tara wasn't with me on my trip to Midwestern Meats the first time, we hopped back onto the 202 East and took Val Vista down to Main Street. We grabbed another ribeye, a couple bacon hamburgers, and a huge beer brat. I also got some ice cream at their bakery. Two scoops for only fifty cents? I'm in. :)

We then went to a nearby Marshalls and grabbed some white truffle oil and maple syrup. The syrup was good on pancakes yesterday morning. Tara still hasn't figured out what to use the truffle oil with. She just wanted to get some so we had it.

Heading south on Alma School from Marshalls, we hit Vonhanson's. We were out of their great hot dogs and had to stock up. We also got a half pound of bacon and some breakfast sausage. We also reserved a fresh, free-range turkey for Thanksgiving. We can't wait to try that on Turkey Day. Given how much we love their other stuff, we aren't too concerned. :)

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