Monday, May 21, 2007

Welcom Diner - Another return visit

We love Welcome Diner. The combo of low prices and great food in the funky diner atmosphere make it a favorite. We decided to do lunch here on Saturday. We got there around noon and the parking lot was full. Luckily someone left just as we got there, so we didn't need to park on the street. The inside was full, but nobody was sitting at the covered table out front. We looked at the new menu and despite some interesting new items, we stuck with the usual suspects. I'd never had just a burger, so I ordered a single cheeseburger, fries, a cookie, and a grape soda. Tara ordered the same thing, except she got a coke. We also got a couple glasses of water. At least, that's what we tried to order. The cook told us it would be about 15 or 20 minutes. We grabbed our drinks.
We took a seat a the table. The misters were working, so it wasn't too bad. Since it was still full inside, I offered the other two chairs at the table to two guys who arrived after us. One ordered a burger and the other ordered the French Toast.
After a while, the little window opened and they said our food was ready. I went up and they handed out three burgers. They thought we were all one group. Tara came up and took the burgers to the table. They then handed out one order of fries. I told them that we had two orders of fries. They apologized and told us the other fries would be ready in a few minutes. I took the first fries back and gave them to Tara. The burgers were really good. I still prefer their hot dog, but it's a personal thing. A few minutes later the French toast was up and the guy grabbed it. Chunks of the bread were battered and deep fried and served in a cup with real maple syrup on the side. We then got the call that the fries were ready.
I went up, and they handed out two orders of fries. I explained that we already had one, so they let us have the extra one on the house. I took them back to the table and dove into one basket and offered the other guys fries. The fries were also tasty. Well salted and perfect with the ketchup.
The French toast proved too much to eat for the other guy, so he offered us a piece. While it started out crunchy, the steam had softened the bottom pieces. Still, it had a great eggy flavor and is definitely something we want to try in the future. At this point, we got the call that the cookie was done.
I went to get out cookies, and only one was there. I again explained that we ordered two. They said they would put another in the oven and if it wasn't done before we left, they wouldn't charge us. I grabbed the one that was done and went back to the table. I was still working on my fries, but I grabbed a piece of the hot, gooey cookie. It was perfect. It was an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with big hunks of chocolate. it was also huge. Maybe five or six inches in diameter. We managed to finish all the fries and were pretty much full. Tara ate all the crunchy edges from the cookie. I emptied out our trash and took the plastic containers inside and to pay.
I went inside and we tried to figure out the bill. They only charged us for two of the three fries and one of the two cookies. The second cookie just finished and they let us have it free due to the confusion with our order. All told, we had two cheeseburgers, three fries, two cookies, and two soda. Our bill with the freebies came to just under $20. I offered to pay for the other items, but they insisted. So we got a hell of a deal. I really liked that they didn't argue with us about the ordering issues. They accepted that there had been some confusion on their part and just rolled with it, making sure the customer was happy. Another reason we love this place.

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