Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chanpen - Quickie

We went to Chanpen on Friday for dinner. Tara got her usual garlic chicken. I got the tureen of tom yum chicken (lemongrass chicken soup). We also got the chicken satay and an order of pineapple fried rice. The satay tasted great as usual, although the chicken might have a tad overcooked. The peanut sauce that came with it more than took care of that. Tara loved her garlic chicken, especially the large amount of crispy roasted garlic sprinkled on top. The tom yum was also top notch. I ordered it mild but it still had enough of a kick that Tara could only have two sips. I really enjoyed it, as it has the broad range of flavors that I love in the Thai soups. Still, I think I prefer the tom ka gai, as I really like the coconut milk. We barely touched the fried rice. The description said it was shrimp and chicken. It came with literally one shrimp. We took the rice home and it was really good leftover. It was the usual enjoyable visit to one of our favorite restaurants.


Anonymous said...

I tried Chanpen for the first time over the weekend. We were visiting relatives in the area, and it seemed a good place for dinner before heading back home. It's really a nice place. The staff were gracious and accomodating, and the papaya salad, one of my Thai restaurant benchmarks, was among the best I've had. I had to drink extra Singha to wash away the heat. We'll definitely be back next time we're on the west side.

Yankee1969 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. We usually go to either Osha and Chanpen. They are both about equally far to drive for us. Osha has a better Tom Kha but Chanpen's satay is a little better. Tara loves the garlic dish at Chanpen with it's mound of roasted garlic chips.