Thursday, May 17, 2007

Golden Buddha - A Gathering of CHows

A group of us Chowhounders met at Golden Buddha for dim sum today. Winedubar, Tastyjon, Ciaogal, JK the Jester, and myself were there. After waiting for stragglers, we decided to get seated as we were hungry. We were seated at one of the larger tables and had plenty of room. Or we did until the carts came by. We got shrimp egg rolls, pork/shrimp shumai, shark-fin dumplings, a couple different types of pork buns, short ribs, chicken feet (I passed on that one, but Ciaogal liked them) and a lot of other dishes I can't remember. We basically filled up all the free space on the table. We also got a pot of hot tea and a coke. The food was all good as usual. I hadn't had the shark-fin dumplings before because I thought that was an ingredient instead of just a visual description and I liked them. We had fun getting to know each each other outside of the board.
Our total bill came to $55 with tax, which seemed way too low for all the food we had. Our dishes ranged between $2.25 and $3.25. Given the amount of food and how good it was, it's a definite bargain. Service was good. Our drinks were filled and empty plates cleared away as we finished them. I'm used to going on weekends/holidays, and it was odd seeing the dining room so relatively empty.

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