Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's always fun being the on-call person at my job. I support BlackBerry servers for a couple big companies and one of them has BES boxes around the world. This week was from hell, as I've already posted about. The capper came on Tuesday morning at 1:30am. With 8.5 hours to go in my on-call week, I get paged for an outage in Europe. From 2am until 8am, I was on a conference call to get it restored. The worst part is that it was nothing wrong with our server. A fiber card in a switch had died but sent out no error. So we were waiting for hours for them to try to trace the problem. Annoying, but it comes with the territory. Hopefully I'll be able to get my review of Trent-Cinq 35 up in the near future. I've been so exhausted I haven't had the energy.

On thing we are looking forward to is our dinner at Tarbell's on Valentine's Day. They aren't having a special menu (I emailed them yesterday asking) but they said they will have some special dishes. This Saturday we're planning on trying Ranch House Grill for breakfast. We've heard great things about it and after the Pinky's experience, we want something good.

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