Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I always enjoy taking trips to LeeLee Oriental Market in Chandler. Aside from a huge selection of ethnic foods not normally found in the regular supermarkets, you also run across some more unusual (at least to most American tastes) items.

Ok, so this one isn't so odd, but my first thought was "What's wrong with the boy sardines and who has the job of sexing the fish?"

We found this right at the entrance. I'm not really sure I want to drink the essence of a chicken. It sounds a bit too voodoo-ish to me. Although the mushroom extract does make it a bit more tempting.

Vegetarian Shredded Meat. That just sounds like a oxymoron to me. Also, I'm from New England, and we love us our peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches. However, THIS isn't the fluff we usually use. I prefer mine like this:

While Fluff is fairly common in Maine (Mom had two large containers to make fudge with), it's hard to find around here. I stumbled across this stash at an AJ's in the area. I love my peanut butter and Fluff toasted. The pb and F start to get runny. Very yummy. And I'm sure Fluff in a market in China would look just as odd to them as the Essence of Chicken Drink does to me.

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