Sunday, January 13, 2008

CSI: Statuatory Rape?!?

I enjoy watching the original CSI. I used to watch CSI:Miami but never watched the New York spin-off. While I was watching the Patriots win yesterday, I saw a promo for this Monday's CSI:Miami. Apparently David Caruso's character has the "son he never knew he had" by Elizabeth Berkley. Now, that started a warning bell in my head. David Caruso has been around for a while. He was a deputy in the first Rambo movie in 1982. Elizabeth Berkley was in "Saved By The Bell" back in 1989 as a high schooler. I looked up their ages on IMDB. It's Actor, Birth Year, Age Now, and Age when the kid was conceived.

David Daruso: 1956 - 52 - 32
Elizabeth Berkley: 1972 - 36 - 16
Evan Ellingson: 1988 - 20

Granted they play fast and loose with character's ages versus their true age, but still, it looks like Horatio was getting him some not-yet-legal action. It must be the sunglasses move of his. Jailbait just can't resist it.

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