Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On-call Week from Hell

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been the on-call person at my job, and it's been a busy week. Since I can get paged at any time, it makes eating out a bit difficult. We've been to a few new places, but have mostly been to the usual favorites: Harlow's, Osha, Joe's Real BBQ, Houston's. I hope to put up my thoughts on Saba's Mediterranean, Kid Chilleen's Bad Ass BBQ, and a couple others that are escaping me at the moment.
For those of you in Cold Stone Creamery territory, we were told by our waitress Silka at Houston's on Camelback about their French Toast flavor. We'd never heard about this one. We tried it at the CSC location next to Houston's, and Tara fell in love. I forget which mix-ins she had, but I was told that we were going to get some more the next day, which we did. It's certainly better than their wasabi flavored ice cream, which was noxious to everyone except one person. And you know who you are, Scott. :)

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