Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Feasting in Phoenix - Great site

For those of you who aren't from Phoenix and read this (assuming people besides my sister in Maine find this page), I wanted to do a short explanation of a name I mention in my reviews. I usually post them on the Southwest board at, and I forget the people who don't read that site might not know who I refer to when I mention "Seth". Last year, one of Tara's foodie friends in Minnesota sent her a link to, a food blog site run by Seth Chadwick. He has been doing his own food blog for quite a while and has a ton of Phoenix area reviews. We love his site, as our tastes and his usually match perfectly. We've found he's great to use as a bird dog before we go someplace new. As much as we love his positive reviews, some of his bad experiences are much more fun to read about. Check out his trip to Blue Burger or his recent trip to Vincents. Seth hasn't been to any of the Chowhound gatherings I've been to, but Tara and I are both hoping to meet him at one sometime soon. His cast of supporting characters (J, Boris, Dave, and the legendary Madge, among others) adds fun to the reviews as well.
Another site we read is It was there that we first heard of Welcome Diner.
Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled blog... :)

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