Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Maine

I'm on a not-quite-a-vacation trip to Maine this week. I flew up for a Halloween party at a friend's place near Portland and I'm staying the week at my parents' house before flying back on Saturday. Since they FINALLY got high-speed Internet earlier this year, I can work from their house. The weather (except for the rain storm when I flew in) was gorgeous on Sunday and Monday. Sunny, cloudless skies and temps near 60. It's overcast today and 36 deg at this moment.

Unfortunately Tara had to stay back in Phoenix. She has her college courses, work, and is dealing with pneumonia or worse. Hopefully her doctor will be able to give her some antibiotics that work today. She was taking a Z-pak but they didn't help at all.

I played some disc golf in Sabattus yesterday. Given that I was using all disc that I literally found along courses in Dallas over 5 years ago and hadn't played in heavily forested areas in 2 years, I did pretty good. I only played 9 holes since I was running late and had to be home for our 6pm dinner reservations at Solo Bistro in Bath.

Solo Bistro was excellent. I'd read about it a couple years ago but hadn't been back to try it. In the meantime, my sister started working there and has raved about it. I was going to go with her and her husband, but child care proved elusive, so I went with Mom and Dad. We had a great time. Everything we ordered was outstanding.

Beet and cabbage soup

Organic greens salad with balsamic vinegarette

Tomato and cheese tart

Grilled crevaille, ocotupus, and shrimp with carrots and sweet potato/yukon gold potato puree

Grilled flat iron steak with homemade steak sauce, steak fries, and salad

Corn-crusted halibut, cabbage slaw, carrots, and the same potato puree

Warm Maine apple dumpling

Molten mocha cake with candied pecans and caramel


Friend Mouse said...

That all looks wonderful. I didn't get a chance to get to the Bistro before I left but all my family has gone and been highly complimentary about it. I hope it made up for the bad Silly's experience!

Kiley said...

Ahh Maine. I grew up in Millinocket. I moved out about 10 years ago to Boston, met my husband, moved to Rhode Island and have been here ever since. Love the town growing up, despise it now. I go home to visit family (especially my grandparents who no longer can travel) but wish they would visit more down here. Can't say I miss it enough to ever want to move back though. I would have to be NUTS!

Kiley R.
Rhode Island