Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fresh & Easy

The Fresh & Easy supermarket chain has invaded the Valley in a big way. One opened across the street from my gym (stop laughing) and I usually stop in after my workout to see if they have anything good marked down. They have a very aggressive freshness policy, and in the afternoon, they mark items expiring on that day half-off. One day last week, Tara and I didn't have any ideas for dinner, so I hit F&E to check what they had. I scored two sushi rolls (spicy tuna and california rolls) cheap, as well as a chicken salad sandwich.

The maki was actually pretty good. I generally don't like supermarket rolls, since the chilled rice can get rather hard, but at $2 and $2.25, I figured why not. Tara really liked the chicken salad sandwich, which was a big bonus.

I grabbed some hamburger buns tonight for Tara's homemade sloppy joes and they were quite good.

I've also tried their huge Belgian milk chocolate bar. VERY good. Their organic milk chocolate, not so much.

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