Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Does Little Rangoon deserve a second chance?

Howard Seftel reviewed Little Rangoon today. After reading it, it might offer a good guide on what and how to order. Tara ordered the garlic noodles and found the garlic flavor lacking, while Howard seemed to have some that had strong flavor. And now that someone has clarified they spicy levels relative to a cuisine I'm intimately familiar with (Thai), we can be more confident in taking a chance and possibly getting some actual flavor.


David SB said...

He seemed to confirm your impression of the flavorless spring rolls, though. Regardless, a Burmese restaurant is so unique that it probably deserves another chance if only to explore the cuisine further.

Yankee1969 said...

That's what was odd. He definitely had the same bland rolls, yet the garlic noodles had a strong garlic flavor. Perhaps the kitchen can be inconsistent? Tara's said she's willing to give it another try, so I'm sure we'll visit again fairly soon. It's still got me intrigued, that's for sure.