Sunday, September 9, 2007


After months of threatening, we finally got a gas grill this weekend. I saw online that Lowes in Happy Valley had one for $78, so of course we left with the $138 one. :) It's got three burners and a side burner for who-knows-what. I went to assemble it today, only to come to a screeching halt at the fourth part. One corner of the bottom plate that holds the propane tank had a huge glob of slag partially blocking a screw hole. I took the plate to Lowes and they exchanged it, but to do so, they needed me to "return" my purchase via a charge-back on my credit card so they can RMA it. I would then "buy" another one for the same price, when in reality they were simply exchanging the part. The problem came when went to "buy" it again. The charge-back hadn't gone through yet, so my credit card was declined. D'oh! I called the customer support line on my card, only to find out they are closed on Sunday. After some debate, Tara used one of her emergency cards to buy it.
After some shopping for groceries, we got home and I resumed the build. So of course, a few more pieces, and when I got to the side burner, it didn't fit quite right, so a screw hole was about 1/32" out of alignment. After about 1/2 hour of pounding, drilling, and filing, I was able to get the screw in enough to secure it. Once that drama was over, it went together smoothly. I really liked that the grill part itself was all assembled for the most part. I didn't have to mess with the gas fittings, knobs, etc, except for the side burner. So around 10pm, I finally fired it up and we grilled some hot dogs. They were delicious.
With Tara's carnivorous streak for red meat, we'll recoup the cost by grilling steaks at home in about a month. :)

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