Thursday, August 2, 2007


Every two weeks, the cleaners come to tidy up our place. We are usually too busy or too lazy to clean, and after a couple years of arguments, we decided to splurge on bi-monthly cleanings. It keeps the place clean and is one less thing we fight about. Unfortunately, I work from home now, as I no longer support the Phoenix location of the company I work for. I support their Minneapolis spin-off, and for obvious commute reasons, just work from home. That means I need to vacate the house a couple Thursdays a month to let them do their thing. Today I decided to go to Soma on Tatum and Shea for breakfast. They have free wi-fi, so I can log into work from there and be productive.

They are a healthy-eating place, so I opted for the French Toast. It's made with wheat bread. It's pretty good. I got the full-order of six slices. The restaurant is fairly big, with lots of tables and several couches and lounge chairs for relaxing with just a drink. There's a few TVs as well around the area. I grabbed a two-top near an outlet and setup shop while I waited. I got water to drink from the fountain.

In short order, my French Toast arrived. Six slices dusted with powdered sugar and garnish with a single strawberry half and two paper-thin Granny Smith apple slices. The server asked if I wanted regular or sugar-free syrup. I opted for regular. The artificial sweeteners all leave a horrid aftertaste in my mouth. The toast was done perfectly. I would have preferred maple syrup, but I survived. It's not the sublime cinnamon French Toast made with challah at JP Pancake, but they filled me up.

The menu is mostly healthy food, with oatmeal, granola, turkey wraps, and the like. I know I should have gotten that, but I'm still working on the whole "healthy eating" thing.

Not tonight though. We're heading to Fenix for some Gallic goodness. :)

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